Bill's Corner

January 18, 2010
We're Back !

Well, it has now been a little over a year since our server crashed and took our original website with it to the graveyard.  Not being able to recover our original site, we are now back with a simpler presentation that enables us to communicate what is currently happening at Gaines Reptiles and within the Gaines household in general. 

Meet Bill

DB - Cartoon Sketch of Bill - Contrast Up15.jpgYou know, I could tell you about my fascination and passion for reptiles since I was a little kid and how supportive my wife and parents have been through the years. I could tell you how long I have been breeding reptiles and about each and every species I have ever owned. Then again, I could tell you about me.

"Time flies when you're having fun" ... I am now 62 years young and still a kid at heart. Just ask Marilyn, my wife of 32 years. If you ever see us at an Expo, you will hear me affectionately refer to her as Boo Boo. And yes, I have 2 great kids. My daughter Amanda is an Account Executive for a small promotions & advertising firm. She is really “hot” (this accounts for much of my gray hair). I call her Mandy Doll. My son Billy is a Lawyer (Intellectual Property/Patent Law), but does he practice law? ... "No", he sells Beer Pong products and organizes the World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP).  Check it out for yourself at (you guessed it ... this accounts for the rest of my gray hair) .

I grew up in a farming community, graduated from Purdue University, and ended up in Corporate America for over 30 years. After a long career in computer technology and information systems, I retired in 2002. I bought a Wild Birds Unlimited retail specialty business that I owned and operated for the next 2 years. During that same time I had successful surgery for prostate cancer and my mother passed away. That was enough for me to realize that “life is just too short” and that it was time to return to my roots of a relaxed, Down Home lifestyle … jeans & T-shirts, bare-footed, cleaning snakes and listening to country music … if you know what I mean.

Bill's Corner is our means of social networking.  This is our most dynamic page with frequent updates on a wide variety of topics.  Expect Bill to talk about anything that catches his fancy, be it about the economy, politics, religion, family, other hobbies, or life in general. Perhaps the most rewarding experiences of this passionate hobby are the many personal and lifetime friendships formed over the years. This page is where you can really get to know Bill on a personal level.

Enjoy your visit & come back often !